Jessica Walsh

ARC DECRA Research Fellow

Conservation decision making, evaluation, prioritisation and evidence-based practice

Jess Rowland

Post-doctoral research fellow

Developing rapid evidence review methods for conservation; ecosystem recovery and risk assessment

Javiera Olivares Rojas

PhD student

Evaluating efficiencies of ecosystem-based management

Mairi Hilton

PhD student

Developing decision triggers for conservation action

Clare Bracey

PhD student

Protecting woodland birds in private protected areas

Emma Bennett

PhD student

Using detection dogs to monitor hawkweed

Lenn Isidore

PhD student – University of Queensland

Bioacoustic monitoring for threatened species

Photo credit: Laurie Ross, Tracks Birding & Photography Tours

Courtney Melton

Research assistant

Reviewing evidence of woodland management in Australia

Past lab members

Maiko Lutz

PhD student

Conservation genetics and IUCN Green Status assessment of Australian freshwater fish

Kate Fergusson

Honours student 2019

Synthesising evidence for woodland bird conservation

Sabrina Gray-Viggiano

Honours student 2019

Evaluating conservation objectives for threatened ecological communities

Jau-Yi Wang

Masters student 2020

Conservation ecology of tropical lianas

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