Barriers and enablers to using scientific evidence

Conservation practitioners: Are you interested in knowing how to implement evidence-based conservation within your organisation?

Researchers: are you interested in increasing the uptake of your science in conservation decisions?

Our new paper in Journal of Environmental Management organises over 200 barriers and enablers to using scientific evidence into a taxonomy and inventory that can help the conservation community understand which factors influence the use of evidence, and how they can work towards strengthening the science-practice interface.

We found that factors associated with the management organization’s structure, decision-making processes, and capacity were all key to facilitating research use. The links and relationships between researchers and practitioners were also common enablers.

Fig 1. Typology of barriers and enablers to using scientific evidence in conservation practice. Walsh et al. (2019) J. Envir. Mgmt.

The typology (Fig. 1) organises the categories, while the inventory (Appendix S4, xlsx file) lists all 230 barriers and enablers and highlights ones are relevant to researchers, practitioners, conservation funders, publishers, community stakeholders etc.

Please email me if you would like a copy. Or click on this link.