Evidence-based conservation of Australian woodland birds

Since October 2018, I have been working at the UQ Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science (CBCS) in Brisbane, Australia. I’m leading an exciting project to evaluate the effectiveness of conservation management actions for woodland birds across Australia. We want to know whether interventions such as revegetation, legal protection, stock reduction or exclusion, noisy miner control or weed management improve the woodland bird community.

Check out our Fact Sheet about the project.

My colleagues and I are collating existing bird survey data on sites where these management actions have (and have not) occurred, to determine how the woodland bird community responds over time to these actions using a quasi-experimental approach. Please let us know about any potential datasets that use the standaridsed 20 min 2 ha bird survey method across temperate woodland in NSW.

For information about the project check out our info sheet and website. This is part of the NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub, which has strong collaborations with non-academic partners including the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Birdlife Australia, Bush Heritage and the federal government.